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[Miami VR & AR Expo crashed ARTSea2018]

Mar 2018

Miami VR & AR Expo crashed ARTSea2018

As Miami VR Expo approaches, the team has been engaging patrons and enthusiasts giving them a taste of what they can expect this summer.

Plastic pollution, climate change, ocean acidification, overfishing — it’s common to feel overwhelmed and powerless when we see and hear about the exponential decline of the health of our oceans. But Danni Washington, founder of the nonprofit the Big Blue & You, has found a positive way to enact change by inspiring youth to fall in the love with the ocean through art at the ArtSea Festival, taking place this Saturday.

“Art is the universal language, and it’s always at the forefront of any social movement and social change…[ArtSea] is designed to be a fun and positive intro to the ocean [for kids]. They will leave with excitement for being an ocean activist and an environmentalist. When someone wants to protect what we have left, it can be a heavy topic, a bit of an existential crisis: These problems are so big — how can I help? But we want the kids to be empowered and excited so they can play a role in the future,” says Washington, who also hosts the STEM television show, Xploration Nature Knows Best.



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