Multimedia Artist
Rodolfo Peraza
Multimedia Artist
Rodolfo Peraza is a Cuban-born multimedia artist, based in the US. His research focuses on the public space, both virtual and physical, as well as in DataVis of matters related to Internet culture and its footprint in society.

He is the founder of Fanguito Estudio in Havana, a VR lab for the development of browser-based VR technology. Recently, he also created MUD Foundation which purpose is advancing the relationship between art and digital technologies with artistic and educational programs. Peraza holds a Masters degree in Visual Arts from the Higher Institute of Arts in Havana, Cuba. His work has been vastly exhibited internationally in places/events such as, SIGGRAPH 2017, Los Angeles California, 2017; the Pérez Art Museum Miami, Florida, 2017; the Wifredo Lam Center for Contemporary Art, Havana, Cuba, 2016; the XV Havana Biennial, 2015; Künstlerhaus, Vienna, 2013; the Jumex Collection, Mexico City, 2008; among others. He is represented in the AGO Museum, Toronto Canada, and the JUMEX permanent collections. Among other recognitions, he was given the 2016 WaveMaker Grant from Cannonball, for the project Pilgram: Naked Link 2.0, a 2D visualization of the physical internet infrastructure that connects the US and Cuba.

MUD (Media Under Dystopia) Foundation’s mission is facilitating educational and artistic projects where art, the Internet, virtual reality, and data converge. Our goal is raising awareness on contemporary digital cultures and their footprint in society today when the commodification of Internet users’ behavior is affecting all aspects of the digital experience.

Working both from our Little Havana space and in collaboration with other art organizations in the City of Miami, we offer a varied program of technology-related art exhibitions and educational workshops with state-of-the-art technology.

MUD Foundation was founded by visual artist Rodolfo Peraza and a multidisciplinary team in 2017, in Miami, Florida as a 5o1c3 NGO.

MUD Foundation mission: To facilitate educational and artistic projects where art, the internet, virtual reality, and data converge. To raise awareness on contemporary digital cultures and footprints.

MUD Foundation educational program:

VRCamp is an Art + Technology based program utilizing internet and WebVR as a medium for the exploration and creation of immersive practices correlating art and technology. VRCamp provides students an opportunity to explore the possibility of creating art using emerging technologies in a hands-on workshop. The program introduces the basic history of computers and their languages with a focus on the history of art related to the digital revolution.

MUD Foundation event: (2019) ART+HACK+DATA is a social artistry event taking place in Miami Florida in 2018. New media creators and tech-enthusiasts will come together to discuss issues on the digital environment and work with participants to find their own means of creative expression. Our goal is to solidify the scene of creative makers and together, set the values and new standards to prevent oppression, censorship, or surveillance for future generations.