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[Virtual Reality in Lamens Terms – My first VRLA Conference]

Apr 2018

Virtual Reality in Lamens Terms – My first VRLA Conference

Virtual Reality has taken the world by storm, from free headsets from Samsung to displays in Best Buy and even a debut  in Calvin Haris ft. Pharrell and Katy Perry “Feels.” It’s almost becoming impossible not be exposed and drawn in to putting on at least one headset to experience this new technology, but before we start What exactly is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality for the unexperienced techy, like myself is a computer generated simulation of another reality. Imagine you were in a dream you didn’t have control of but you can experience it awake. Thats it. You essentially put on a headset and you are instantly emerged into a dream that you may or may not have control of.

Virtual Reality has been used as a tool as of late to enhance the users experience in many different fields. These days the talk of the town is that it’s being used to aid in providing a more seamless training experience for professionals in many different fields across the board, including but not limited to military, car purchasing and even health care.

There are many different platforms available for the average Virtual Reality Enthusiast to attend, explore and experience realities of their wildest imagination ie:  VR LA 2018 May 4-5th |  Miami VR Expo 2018 June 7-8 | NY VR Expo October 26th – 28

This year I will be attending VR LA 2018 May 4-5th. I am excited and will be posting daily updates on the experience. Stay Tuned!



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