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[Apex Construct on Oculus Quest: how one of the best VR games broke its chains]

May 2019

Apex Construct on Oculus Quest: how one of the best VR games broke its chains

The Oculus Quest has just been released, promising PC-level gaming experience on an all-in-one standalone kit. But is this too good to be true? Well, it’s not so impossible as you might think. I spoke to the devs at Fast Travel Games, the studio behind Apex Construct, one of the most successful games that to make the jump from PC to Quest.

Apex Construct is considered one of the most fully realized ‘made for VR’ games, on console and on PC. With an intriguing story, unique art direction and hours of playtime to complete, it stands to be one of the benchmarks for whether the Oculus Quest can really deliver on the same quality of PC gaming while ditching all the inconveniences. 

Every Quest has a beginning…

How did you get started on the road to making this for Oculus quest?  Were you confident about making everything work on a headset with a mobile chip Or did it seem like a big challenge?


Before starting Fast Travel games I spent the last 10 years at EA but one of the things I did was heading up the mobile team that ported the Frostbite engine to iOS and Android. And the vision back then was that everything you could do on console should be doable on mobile. And I wanted to enable basically what the Switch had done, to have with you a high-quality gaming device with you everywhere you are, you can play whenever you want. And when we launched Fast Travel to see I wanted to do the same for portable VR or standalone VR.

“At the time, only PC and console headsets had support for positional tracking, which was an absolute must-have for us, we want to we wanted to convey the players inside the world and allow them to interact with the world, which was one of the core design principles for Apex construct.



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