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Travis Cloyd
Entrepreneur, Immersive Storytelling

Gasper Ferreiro
Project Ghost Studios

    Dean Lyon
    Founder at Splinter Studios

    Holly Delgado
    Global Marketing Consultant - Dell

    Eric Elder
    Executive Director, XR Wizards Lab

    Maria C de Pena, MS
    President and CEO, Code Explorers - NGO

      Alan Smithson
      XR For Business & Education, MetaVRse

      Lorenzo Vallone
      Co-founder of Xennial Digital

      Kimberlee Archer
      Head of Developer Marketing AR/VR at Facebook

        Joanne Butcher, MA, CFRE
        Global Marketing Consultant

          Dr. J Chris Ford
          Inclusive Innovation Leader| VR Patent Monetization

            Dr. Charles daCosta
            Prof. of Animation, Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia

              DeAnne Connolly Graham
              President ROI Media

              Adrian Allen
              Co-Founder Miami VR Expo

              Michelle Mckoy
              Co Founder MVR Expo

              Richard Fendelman
              360˚ Virtual Reality Producer

              Joel Mena
              UX Evangelist, Entrepreneur, Developer of Human Potential

                Ricardo “Dimarco” Barea
                Founder MMM LIVE

                  Rodolfo Peraza
                  Multimedia Artist

                    Chance Glasco
                    CCO of Doghead Simulations

                      Alissa Christine
                      Luvr Worldwide

                        David Mullings
                        CEO - Blue Mahoe Partners

                          Wissam Otaky, CFA
                          Partner at Hatcher+

                            John Rich
                            VP Moxie FutureX Labs

                            Alexandra Ivanovitch, PhD
                            Founder of Equality Labs

                            Andres Rangel
                            Startup Safari Miami

                              Tricia Katz
                              Developer Evangelism Lead, Magic Leap

                                Denise Mendez
                                Lead Systems Engineer, Magic Leap

                                  Kimberly Calhoun
                                  Sr. Executive Producer MoneyMasters.TV - GM IBM.TV networks and AppleTech.TV -

                                  Christopher Lafayette
                                  Architect | VR / AR / AI / XR | Emergent Technologist | Holodecks

                                  Moises Sanabria
                                  Creative Technologist

                                  Nicole Ruggiero
                                  3D visual artist

                                    Deigratia A. Daniels
                                    Systems Engineer and Director of Operations

                                    Carlos Fueyo
                                    VFX Supervisor - Creative Director

                                    Kim Grinfeder
                                    Director, Interactive Media Program , University of Miami

                                      Horace Buddoo
                                      Director of Speaker Relations and Engagement

                                        Sacha Panic, Ph.D.
                                        Augmented and Virtual Reality Researcher